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Benefits of informed citizen journalism

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Citizen journalism is all about individuals collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating news and information particularly on the social websites.

This isn’t my definition, but of Wikipedia.

As most of us know, our planet is now a global village. Therefore, we all are reporters or citizen journalists using online platforms to inform the whole world what’s happening around us.

Trained journalists now trust the social media and citizen reporters to get advice on what is going on around the world.

These hints are downloaded and then processed in view of the journalism ethics and then sold back to the exact members of the general public.

But, the reality is that hard copies of papers and magazines aren’t selling much nowadays. Online media platforms, forums, blogs, directories and the social media have taken over. This is good for humankind.

A citizen journalist can earn a living from collecting and passing on of information, photographs, tips and events for established newspapers, magazines, sites, blogs and forums for publication. This might or might be free.

This is because lots and lots of people out there gain one way or another from the traditional or the social websites.

Most of us need the right information at any point in time to make educated opinion and decisions. And it’s the media to assist us here.

However, the social media isn’t regulated for now. Therefore, some information posted on the social websites aren’t processed. That is where our world leaders must arrive in.

Aside from the monetary benefits, citizen reporters will also experience a sense of satisfaction when they know that their gifts are helping to shape the world to be able to make it a better place.

I feel deep down with time, the social media will fall in line and have the ability to regulate itself.

To a citizen reporter, there are lots of jobs out there for you and there are no limitations to how much money you can make passing on tips, information and photographs to established media outfits, Raccoon Sounds, sites, blogs and forums for potential publications.

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