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Fighter Jet, Jet

Bear in mind that anti-war bumper sticker that said;”what if the Air Force had to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber?” Now that might be amusing to a left-leaning individual driving a Volvo, sporting a Jerry Garcia Grateful Dead shirt, and on their way to a Sierra Club sponsored march against an oil company, but what many do not understand is the reason we have a Federal Government wasn’t to give people everything they want, but instead to provide for our common defense.

“Okay,” you say,”but what about the runaway costs of a number of these war toys?” Yes, there are some enormous costs, and they are also threatening our liberty, since without cost efficiency we cannot maintain a decent army to defend all we are and all we have assembled in this wonderful nation – and that really was lots of blood, sweat, and tears, and I am not saying that simply because of my Blue Blood Mayflower ancestry or due to my own family history of adversity initially to get it going – I am saying it, because it are true.

There was another troubling article about the cost of the JSF F-35 manufacturing in Reuters on October 25, 2013 titled;”Pentagon wants F-35 contractor accountability as it weighs output boost,” by Andrea Shalal-Esa, which said;”The Pentagon’s chief arms buyer wants details on how Lockheed Martin Corp and other companies will be held liable for the quality and reliability of the F-35 fighter jet as he considers whether to approve an increase in the airplane’s production, U.S. defense officials said.”

Okay however, let’s not try to find blame in Lockheed so quickly today, allow me to tell you why I say that. You see, one of the biggest problems is feature creep, and that is not Lockheed’s fault, it is the many change orders and those costs. There is a disconnect between the procurement process and finite capacity scheduling models – and the new way of electronic supply chains, instant information, and real time customer service.

Lockheed should get with the program and the Pentagon should grow up and stop living in the old world -“ditch the bureaucracy you knuckle heads, I’m not please, I’m not amused, I am not impressed,” I say. It is still possible to have six sigma on the fly – seriously – how they hell do you guys run away – if you can not even order a plane?

So, no I’m not a left-leaning peacenik socialist, nor am I signed on the Neo Con con-game – rather, as an American, I am saying we could do better, and better we need to, since there are others that are rapidly building up their militaries and for a lot less cost, and they have great ambitions for their future as the empire controlling planet Earth, if you can’t see it, you are not watching and you haven’t studied your history considerably.

The right can’t yell at the left until it gets its house in order and the left can’t keep spending our treasury into oblivion if they would like to protect this great nation and watch it to continue to flourish. It’s time to come together, it is time for some honesty, and it’s time to pony up and walk the talk. Eisenhower’s warning apart, believe you me, we’ve created more crisis on the other side also, namely;

  1. Industrial Academic Complex
  2. The Social Giveaway Industrial Complex

So, let us all come clean and start running our affairs with a little common sense. Otherwise, one day we might be holding a bake sale for your child’s college tuition, your next medical operation, your retirement accounts, your home’s solar panels, and updated spyware detection software. Please consider all this and think on it.

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