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NATO’s GDP Requirement

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So long as the members of NATO are finally agreeing to cover their 2% pre-agreed upon expenses as per the NATO rules, the United States should require that all NATO nations make up for their previously unpaid contributions. Once those are completely made present, we have to re-negotiate – and the new provisions of NATO must be based on a USD (US Dollar) amount not 2% of their GDPs.

Well, it is simple really, you see I have been seeing the slow-motion train wreak we call the European Union (EU). Greece remains borrowing, and they are borrowing from Germany and the IMF to use that cash to cover loans already incurred, eventually they will default, and then leave the EU. At that stage, they will still need to be in NATO but their GDP will be less than a 1/3 of what it is today. As the EU increasingly more nations leave as Britain did, a lot of those individual nation-states will observe their GDPs drastically cut temporarily.

Okay so, what I am saying is that; nations could economically collapse and thus, 2% of GDP will be 1/3 of what it is today. So, let us make hardline investment rule and foundation it in USD, not Euro or another currency, particularly since our money is getting stronger and will continue to get more powerful as other country’s economies investment and crash comes pouring into where it can get a good return on investment in a safe haven economic environment.

Another reason why the 2% rule bothers me is that this has been going on a while and countries who sell and export protection products such as tanks, missiles, airplanes, and boats through in-country corporate defense contractors stand to gain substantially with the new growth in military purchases, while those EU nations who do not make military hardware are certain to go further in debt buying weapons of war. This just further exacerbates the current problem of inequality of EU nations as the productive nations grow in strength while the non-productive nations fall behind in unsustainable debt.

Sure, one could say, that’s not our problem, but if we are holding the bag for NATO, we are on the hook for their slowdown of purchases of 2% of their respective GDPs as people GDPs take a serious financial haircut on account of the failing Euro Zone project and ever increasingly arrogant and elitist socialist EU leadership.

I don’t mean to be a hard ass about this, but now that we see how fast the NATO nations have recapitulated and re-promised their required contributions to their militaries, maybe we ought to put a little fairness back into the system, let’s renegotiate this – and do what is best for America. Oh and allow them to order and pay for a boat load of F-35s, Patriot Missile Systems, J-Dams, C-130s first, then re-negotiate.

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