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Who Really Wins an Arms Race

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It’s a race right? So there may be a winner and loser right? The country who spends the most can win, or they might not, the nation that’s quite efficient in their expenses has a greater advantage but might have a smaller market to tax to take action? Any state who enters into an arms race takes the cost to its culture, economy and culture. Any country under threat that does not could lose their culture if it goes to war, and also loses its ability to perform hardcore international negotiations, trade prices, etc. which may hurt its treasury and financial vitality. Okay so, let us talk.

There was an interesting article from the Garrett Hardin Society Newsletter titled;”The Tragedy of the Commons” by Garrett Hardin, 1968 which said:

It is our considered professional judgment that this dilemma has no technical solution. If the great powers continue to search for solutions in the region of science and technology only, the end result is to worsen the situation.”

These are all great things; and as I write posts and think of new military concepts, it’s happened to me that as we develop new and more sophisticated weapons our enemies or maybe allies today future enemies afterwards also work to garner those improvements and better them. The RAND Corp had lots of papers on this, many very good, and had played war-game situations, where everybody loses, or even if you win, you actually lose or have such heavy losses it’s not worthwhile. When a culture is destroyed, everybody wins. Casselberry Rat Removal who reside there, and the remainder of the international market cleaning up the mess.

During the US Civil War that the North had better bullets that spiraled in flight – more precise at a greater distance, it wasn’t long before the South had them result more casualties and lost limbs on both sides

If we make unmanned systems to do our bidding, truly autonomous, it won’t be long before our possible competitor deploys the same, robots killing individuals, and it only takes one unearned ego to pull the initial trigger or one megalomaniac fighter to make a no-win political impasse, so what’s the word of warning; recall human if playing with fire!

What did Einstein say;

“You Can’t Simultaneously Prepare for and Stop War.”

What did Karl von Clausewitz state:

“Failure to Safeguard Your Nation Will Come at the Cost of Your Civilization.”

I hope you’ll please consider all of this.

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